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About AllWater

Inshore and offshore deep sea fishing. Coastal, dolphin and whale watching. Tell us what you want to do on the water, and we’ll make it happen. We’ll set you up on the best boat rentals, charters, captains and guides in the area to create the experience you want and with value in mind. Whether you are looking for a boat for watersports, cruising, dolphin and whale watching, or a fishing boat to explore local fishing grounds, AllWater creates safe and unique on-the-water experiences. AllWater’s foundation is built on dependability by true hospitality professionals. We are supported by the best partners in the industry, constantly building a network of marine industry professionals to manage operations and help create great days on the water. Feel free to give us a call or confidently book your next trip online. We look forward to getting you on the water! History Established in 2014. AllWater is focussed on capturing and providing the resources to the waterman. AllWater is your resource for experiencing all things on the water.
  • Convenient locations

    AllWater offers the most convenient locations with the best amenities in the business. Our detailed website and unparalleled customer service make your experience convenient from this moment and until the end of your day on the water.
  • Expert captains and crew

    Experience the service driven hospitality of some of the finest and most knowledgeable captains and crew in the industry.
  • Beautiful Destinations

    Let's face it, there is no better place to be than on the water. Experience the most beautiful waters with great abundance of life to create lasting memories.
  • Well-equipped boats and watercraft

    Quality is everything. Not only is your safety a priority, it's essential that our boats and clean, well maintained, and up-to-date with the best electronics and systems.